Dear international and German Biophysicists,

It is our great pleasure to invite you to the Meeting of the German Biophysics Society 2024 to Leipzig.

After some rough years and the great effort by the Konstanz team to organize the Biophysics Conference during the pandemic so that it finally took place in 2022, we hope for a smooth preparation phase of the upcoming conference.

Leipzig is and always has been a city of rich science. Numerous great scientists have shaped that perception over the last centuries including the Nobel Prize winner Prof. Dr. Svante Pääbo from last year. Physical aspects in relation to medicine and life sciences have been studied in Leipzig since the 17th century. Researchers like Weber, Fechner, Pfeffer, and Debye have left indelibly marks on the international biophysics community.

Leipzig is also a city of music, with composers like Bach, Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Wagner, both Schumans, Teleman, Reger or Mahler. Leipzig is an international, colorful, and liberal city and has been a trade fair and trading city for more than 850 years. And of course, the people of Leipzig played a key role in the Peaceful Revolution in 1989, which led to the end of the German division.

We warmly invite you to feel the spirit of our city, enjoy the conference with scientific discussions and exchange along with all other aspects of culture and history. We will try our best to offer you an attractive scientific program that also leaves some free time to explore culture, history and the local color of Leipzig.

We already have an excellent line up of very distinguished speakers who look forward to presenting their exciting news to our community. We will have slots for short talks from your contributions, which we would like to have selected by all participants of the conference. Representatives from various companies will join us showing their latest developments. Poster flashes and poster sessions will represent possibilities to meet, discuss in more detail, exchange and collaborate. The conference dinner is set to take place in the Moritzbastei, the old city fortification uncovered in the 70ies by university students including Angela Merkel, former Chancellor of Germany, who later on worked at the bar and mixed the famous Kirschwhiskey. We have hired a band for later hours and hope for good vibrations.

Finally, it is also our desire to make our conference sustainable. We ask all participants to consider travelling by public transportation as Leipzig is easily accessible by train or bus. We are engaging an inclusion project for catering and kindly ask you to spend as much time at the conference to make it worthwhile.

With that, we thank you very much for considering a trip to Leipzig in September 2024 and hope to see you all here in a year’s time.

With very best wishes,

Juliane Adler, Frank Cichos, Daniel Huster, and Andrea Kramer

Organization Team